Memories Photography

Why Us?

1. Classic, timeless images.
At Memories Photography, it is of the utmost importance that our images are timeless and classic. We want you to still love your images many years from now. For this reason our style of shooting is a combination of romantic, classy, soft and beautiful images. Your images will be of the absolute highest quality and we are certain you will cherish them forever.

2. Our studio is solely set up to do BOUDOIR and Glamour Photography.

We have a studio that we only shoot boudoir in. This means we don't shoot families, children, or graduates at our studio . We focus all of our energy and time on making our studio the absolute BEST in Colorado for BOUDOIR shoots. Our studio is cleaned daily to maintain a fresh and clean, healthy environment for our clients. Its located in a safe and convenient part of town. We have spent a lot of time and money investing into making the entire studio a very fun and girly atmosphere so that you will have the most amazing, fabulous experience from the moment you walk in the door until you leave. We want our clients to view a day at Memories Photography, like a day at the spa. As soon as you walk in the door you will be greeted by a friendly staff member who will offer you something to drink and make you feel like a Supermodel getting ready to go into her photo shoot!  Then, you will go to our awesome make up area where you will have an hour and a half to relax and be completely made over to look like a Goddess. Once in your photo shoot, you will have so much fun with Adrienne you will hope it never ends! Lastly, you will get awesome images fully edited that will remind you of the Supermodel you truly are behind the everyday woman you might be.

3. All female staff.
That's right: This is a GIRLS ONLY ZONE. We know how important your privacy and comfort is here; therefore, our hair and makeup artist, photographer, and behind the scenes editor are all females. As females, we want to create an environment that makes you feel completely secure and comfortable during your shoot because we get the private nature in which you want these photos taken as well as edited.

4. Experience behind the camera.
Boudoir photography is an extremely special type of photography. There isn't another type of Photography like Boudoir Photography. It takes a very special talent to be able to photograph a woman in lingerie or nude and not only make her look good, but feel comfortable at the same time. Every single woman who decides to do a boudoir shoot feels very nervous when they come in for their first Boudoir shoot. I have been doing boudoir photography since 2010. We are not all a perfect 10, women come in different shapes, sizes, and some of us have gone through more than others, but at the end of the day we are all beautiful. I have years of experience with understanding how women feel and see themselves, as well as understanding a woman's body and how to make every type of body look amazing in a photograph. In the end you will walk away with amazing photos that you will LOVE!

5. Professionalism and privacy.
At our studio we pride ourselves on being extremely professional and organized. From the moment you inquire with us until the moment you receive  your products, we assure you that your experience will be handled with the greatest customer care. We return all phone calls and emails in a very timely manner so that you know as a client you are not just a number but a valued customer.

We pride ourselves on providing enough information on the front end so your photo shoot will turn out perfect. We want to make you feel prepared for your boudoir shoot so we have also come up with some great tips to help you while picking out outfits and getting ready for your Boudoir shoot.

Once your shoot is complete, we will have your proofs available in a timely manner(7-10 business days). We will guide you through the entire process after your photo shoot from picking out the best package for you, to getting your contract signed and packaged paid for. Once you place your order, we will give you a timeline in which you will receive your order and guarantee that it will arrive by the time allotted.

We LOVE each and every one of our clients. We want every single person that has a Memories Photography  experience to be able to say that it was one of the best, so we strive to make sure we are doing everything it takes to make that happen.

Your images are 100% safe with us. We ONLY share images of our clients online if they have given us written permission. We treat our clients privacy with the utmost respect and safety.

About The Photographer (Adrienne Snider): 

I am constantly asked how I became a Boudoir Photographer when my clients come into the studio.  The answer is fate, after I did a Boudoir shoot myself I knew in my heart I wanted every woman to feel as marvelous as I did that day. That Boudoir shoot changed my life forever. With the love and support of my amazing family, I was able to turn my hobby of photography into a dream come true. I can honestly say that I love coming to the studio everyday and making women feel just as I did after my first shoot; AMAZING! To me its not about having an empire with multiple locations and getting rich fast, it is about the customer; & how empowered they feel after a shoot with Memories Photography. I enjoy meeting new women everyday; always remembering their names and stories when they come back a year later. 

Here are some fun facts about me:

~ I am easily made happy with a Starbucks Coffee ( seasonal flavors are always the best ).

~ I married my soul mate in 2013.

 ~I have 3 Daughters: Sarah, Abby, and Zoe. They are my everything!

~I've done 9 boudoir shoots since 2010 and try to do one annually.

~ I love to travel and have seen many places of the world, but I often leave my camera at home so that I can enjoy my time resting and relaxing.

~I am an advanced open water scuba diver.

~ I am a Colorado Native.

~ I am one of 6 Children.

~My best friend and sister, Jennifer, is my business partner.